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Gaz's Submission
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Joined: 22nd Oct 2014
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22nd Oct 2014

What is your ingame name(s)?: Gaz

What Clans have you been in?: (TCVK)

Do you have a Mic?: Sure do.

Have you ever been banned? (No need to Lie, We can confirm via a DEV): Nope 
If yes, For what?:

How is your GI? Explain what roles you are good at?: My GI is looking healthy and only growing (thank you premium!) Personally I prefer sniping, sniper clearview my favorite, I can also use ars however.

What and how do you rate your maturity level? Have you been kicked from a clan for your Maturity Level?: As a 16 year old I'd say I'm mature, never been kicked from a clan for it.
If yes, For what?:

Where are you located?: Australia 

How old are you? Include your birth date: 16, 24/6/98

What are the best methods of contacting you?: Steam or whenever I'm in the ts.

Tell us something about yourself: I'm a 16 year old from Australia, been gaming for a while played Lost for about 1 week and a bit but before that I played ISS for nearly a year. Also love to play csgo, I'm a pretty chill guy with a nice accent to go with it, usually play for a few hours a day, however timezones make it hard to play at times. 

We like to clown and mess with one another but we don't mean or take it personally. Can you take a joke? Sure can, I can also deliver some jokes as well, be ready!

Can you listen and follow orders or commands? Sure can

Do you agree to keep clan talk within the clan and only the clan?: Defintely

Do you agree with all of the below:Stern and straight to the point rules, I do agree.

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Joined: 13th Oct 2014
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22nd Oct 2014

Hello and thank you for your submission. I have seen and reviewed your clan application. Please wait a couple of days as in this time we will play with you and test your maturity levels as well as your ability to comprehend with combat scenarios and follow orders. Keep in mind, this clan is primarily 18+ but we do make exceptions. Please bear with us during this time as we make crucial decisions. Thank you for applying and we hope to see you on the battlefield soldier.

Feel free to join us on Teamspeak so we may talk and game together, as well as add a single member to the clan.

My Stream: Twitch: ... kwerkz Hitbox: ... kwerkz
MyYoutube: ... er/xNiTGriTx
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Keyboard: RAZER Blackwidow Ultimate | Mouse: Corsair M65

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