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Joined: 27th Oct 2014
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27th Oct 2014

What is your ingame name(s)?:RichardNixon
What Clans have you been in?:BOTB ( BestOfTheBest), ZTEX (Zeltex)
Do you have a Mic?:Yes.
Have you ever been banned? (No need to Lie, We can confirm via a DEV):Honestly, yes.
If yes, For what?:Insulting an annoying dev.
How is your GI? Explain what roles you are good at?:My GI is not the BEST, but it is decent. I am greatest with assault rifles and OK with snipers (if that's what that means).
What and how do you rate your maturity level? Have you been kicked from a clan for your Maturity Level?:
If yes, For what?: On a scale of 1-10, usually a 5, but I can be what I have to. Nope.
Where are you located?:United States
How old are you? Include your birth date: 15, 4/28/99
What are the best methods of contacting you?:No idea.
Tell us something about yourself:I collect 80s to 90s PC games along with their respective PCs, although not as often as of now.
We like to clown and mess with one another but we don't mean or take it personally. Can you take a joke?Definitely.
Can you listen and follow orders or commands?Definitely.
Do you agree to keep clan talk within the clan and only the clan?: Definitely.
Do you agree with all of the below:Yes.
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Forum » Forums » Lost Survivor MMO
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