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26th Oct 2014

What is your ingame name(s)?: Obsolete Nutsack is my main at the moment
What Clans have you been in?: Retrokings, Bixa, JIZZ, a few more
Do you have a Mic?: Yes
Have you ever been banned? (No need to Lie, We can confirm via a DEV): Nope
If yes, For what?:
How is your GI? Explain what roles you are good at?: 3k snipers and 5k assaults, Lots of armor /meds/ ammo, I'm terribad with all snipers except for m1 and blaser, and I tear up with the Imitar. I usually do best when I just do laps around town killing people
What and how do you rate your maturity level? Have you been kicked from a clan for your Maturity Level?: I tend to think i'm quite mature for my age, going by what other people have said both ig and in real life. Never been kicked from a clan in this game
If yes, For what?:
Where are you located?: Canada
How old are you? Include your birth date: 15, 12/9/1999
What are the best methods of contacting you?: Skype or steam
Tell us something about yourself: Been playing LSMMO since release week, worked my way up to Dev, and I try to play every day. I've been in multiple clans over the last 3 months that LS has been up and I haven't really enjoyed any of them. I know that sounds odd, but I think its because there is always that one immature kid or someone who takes a joke too far, and that kinda makes me mad. However, to get along with alot, if not all, of the KSG members, so I'm sure i'll fit in fine within the clan.
We like to clown and mess with one another but we don't mean or take it personally. Can you take a joke? Of course
Can you listen and follow orders or commands? Of course, it's common clan etiquette
Do you agree to keep clan talk within the clan and only the clan?: Yes
Do you agree with all of the below: Yes. Seems again like simple clan etiquette

1. If you as a player gets a kill on another player, no one else may touch the loot downed unless asked. 
It is just advised to stay away unless asked to help, recover, or given permission to 
scout the loot.
2. If someone is 'raging' team leaders pull that person aside and exclude that person from pvp the rest 
of the night depending on response to 2 on 1 conversation.
3. If the PVP group have a problem with a fellow groupie they pull leader aside and express concern, No 
4. If you are suspected of stealing gear from a dropped enemy or personal downed gear, Team leader has 
the right to go to the private with you and kill you. Accuser agrees to pay back gear in double of who was accused of taking.
5. If you are playing in our  TS you go by our call out map. Learn the call outs.

Keep in mind, if you are below the age of 18, please advise that this is a 18+ Clan. We do make exceptions however.

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