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Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
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16th Oct 2014

Welcome to our Counter Strike: Global Offensive section of the clan recruitment. Basically our requirements are for you to have a mic and be willing to play and want to get better at the game. As we progress in personal skill and also team skill we hope to be higher in the ranks. 


- Must Be Nova or higher. 
- Must not be a troll and in the game to win and do your possible best.
- Be mature about things but also in it for the fun of the game.
- Listen to your fellow members trying to help you learn the game and not be a complete douche. 
- I'd like for you to be 18+ but we do make exceptions for members. 
- MUST have a mic. MUST. If not, do not apply. 
- Have Knowledge of most of the common maps. 

For tutorials:

Please feel the urge to message me on my Steam if you ever need tutorials for the game and to learn certain peeks, flashes, smokes, etc. I'd love to help you progress in the game and also may help me if needed!

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Forum » Forums » Counter Strike: Global Offensive Locked
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